Date: 11am - February 6th 2022

Venue: Margam Park

Host Club: Run4All (Neath)

Registration: 09.30 -10.30am at the East Lodge car park, near the Discovery Centre (NOT IN THE CASTLE).


Race start: 11am        Minimum Age: 17


Entry Fee: £4 for athletes registered with Welsh Athletics (or relevant athletics body) or £6 for club members not affiliated to WA. You will be asked to show your Welsh Athletics affiliation card or £6 will be charged.


Car-parking (postcode SA13 2TL): Car parking is £1 per vehicle for those involved with the race, please help by being patient & speed-aware. We have exclusive use of that car park.

WE ARE NOT PARKING WITHIN THE MAIN ENTRANCE near the Orangery. Instead please enter the park one mile further east (sign-posted Margam Discovery Centre) & follow the signs. 



Facilities: Your car & the registration building will be next to each other so you will have no need for a baggage drop. You’ll also have far less walking to do than last year as the Start/Finish is close by. Tea & coffee shall be available near registration, toilet facilities are also located nearby.

No gazebos can be erected as any liabilities in the event of an accident would be passed on by NPT Council. There are more toilets & a café within the courtyard of the castle if you prefer to walk there but its 10 minutes away.


Distance/Course: Similar course as in 2020 - approx 5.2 miles for men & women (subject to any environmental issues that crop-up over the weekend). There are 2 laps, starting close to the ‘’East Lodge Car Park’’, heading south east on tarmac towards the parks perimeter. There’s then a left turn northwards off-road with a tough zig-zag climb across boggy marshland ‘’GV FIELD OF DREAMS’’ before an undulating return across the ridge towards the castle & a speedy descent back to the start. The surface underfoot will include tarmac, stony trail & waterlogged grassland so it is inadvisable to wear spikes or Christmas trainers. This event is HARD – please take note & seek advice from experienced club-mates if doubtful.


Athletes & Spectators Responsibilities:  

1. There will be a long finish funnel in operation so could runners please stay in order when crossing the       finish line until their numbers have been individual scanned. 

2. Afterwards please stay clear of the finish area and let the timekeepers do their job. 

3. The wearing of earphones is forbidden under UK Athletics rules so any runner seen wearing them will be disqualified.

4. Spectators with dogs must ensure their kept on a tight leash at all-time within the park.


Health & Safety:

Athletes are advised that Health and Safety regulations recommend that you should examine the course for potential hazards before competing. The course has been checked by the organisers and a risk assessment conducted. The Race Referee will have inspected the course and declared it suitable for use. Any competitor who has concerns about a safety aspect on the course should bring it to the attention of the organisers and/or the referee immediately. If the issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily, the competitor will be advised not to participate in the event. 


First Aid: 

First Aid cover will be provided by St Johns Ambulance Cymru. Any situation arising that requires First Aid treatment anywhere on the course must be reported immediately to Marshals or First Aid Personnel. All participants are reminded of their duty of care for each other. If you suspect that someone, athlete or spectator, is in need of medical assistance you must act appropriate.


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