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Venue: Gnoll Estate, Neath

Host Club: Neath Harriers

West Glamogan Cross Country League

Gnoll Park Neath Sunday 21 October 2018


Unfortunately, due to The Gnoll Park being double booked for the above date, the event has had to be postponed. I am hoping to move the event to March 2018 provided that The Gnoll Park is available and the League organisers agree to the change. I will post a new date as soon as it has been agreed. The race organiser apologises for the postponement.

The booking for both events at the park was made back in August of this year. The WGXC race booking was made through the park itself while the other application was made through the council offices (which is technically the correct method). The other event (the Gnoll Knobbler) was granted a licence by the council and hence has access to the park on Sunday.

Because I applied through the unofficial channels I am technically to blame for the mix up and for this I apologise. I have been organising the race for over 8 years and have always sort to gain permission to host the race at the park in this way.

The reason why the double booking was not noticed earlier is because at a quick glance both applications look very similar. Same date, approximately same time and both 2 lap races around The Gnoll Park. The two applications were never seen at the same time so it wasn’t easy to see that they were from different organisers.

Over the years I have built up an excellent working relationship with the staff at The Gnoll Park and the Council have also always been nothing but cooperative. Over the years the funding and the staff numbers have been cut dramatically. Despite this, every year the Rangers and the staff of the visitors centre have gone to great lengths to ensure that the fixture goes ahead.

When the double booking was first noticed, a 9am start time was proposed and the park staff offered to come extra early (at their own cost). However, I was conscious of the fact that a lot of our competitors would still be in the park after the race and I did not want interfere with the set up of the Gnoll Knobbler. On a normal race day (11am start) I am in the park at 6am to make sure everything is in place for the race and to allow enough time to sort out any potential problems. Even with extra help from other club members it would have been a rush to get the course ready in time for a 9am start. Added to that, all the superb volunteers would have to get up extra early. Please note, the organiser of The Gnoll Knobbler also offered to help but because all the race information had been posted it was not possible to move the race.

Having considered all the above I decided that a new race date was a better option so that I was able to ensure that we would have a successful and enjoyable race. After all the work in the last few weeks, I was more disappointed than anyone about having to rearrange the race. As I have said in my earlier FB post, this will be the last time I organise the fixture at the Gnoll so I’m very keen to make sure it’s a good one.

As I said earlier, I take full responsibility for the postponement and do not blame the Council or The Park staff in any way. Once again I apologise and I will work hard to ensure that the fixture is a success on the rearranged date. Thank you for your patience and understanding and I look forward to seeing you on the start line.

Steve Hames

Neath Harriers

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