Rules & Scoring

West Glamorgan Cross Country League Rules

1. Seperate Divisions will be held for male and female athletes.

2. Division 1 will consist of a maximum of 8 teams. Further divisions will be arranged at the discretion of the League Organiser.

3. Each organisation is only allowed 1 team (ie no B or C teams etc are allowed)

4. In the first instance athletes should be encouraged to compete for their work or local area team

5. Athletes can only compete for one Team in any given season

6. Scoring will be based on the number of athletes participating in each race. The winning athlete will gain a number of points equal to the number of participating athletes (excluding guests). Each subsequent athlete will receive one less point.

7. Guest athletes are welcome to enter races but will not score any points.

8. Any number of athletes may compete in a team, but a maximum of five will count towards the team score.

9. Athletes registered with Welsh Athletics will pay a race entry fee for each race, to be decided by the Organiser. Athletes not registered with Welsh Athletics will pay the race entry fee plus an additional fee. Such additional fee to be decided by Welsh Athletics.

10. Teams accepted into the League will be encouraged to host and organise races. 


Team Scoring explained

1. If there are 100 athletes in the race the winner will get 100 MATCH points, the person who is last will get 1 point (Guests don't score).

2. 5 athletes score per team (so if one team has the first 5 athletes they will get 100+99+98+97+96=490 MATCH points)

3. The team with the most MATCH points wins the match.

4. Teams are split into Divisions.

5 In Mens Division 1, there are 8 teams, so the team with the most MATCH points will get 8 LEAGUE points, the team that is second will get 7 LEAGUE points etc.

6. League positions are determined by who has the most LEAGUE points.

7. If two teams have the same number of LEAGUE points, the team with the most number of MATCH POINTS gains the higher League position.

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